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We are Avant

Avant was established to carry out sea, air, and rail freight from Asia to Europe, but was quickly recognized as a good and stable supplier, where customers also wanted other services such as freight transport on land in Norway and the EU, as well as delivery vans. The company is Norwegian-owned, betting on something we believe is in short supply in our industry. Premium shipping.

Why choose Avant Forwarding AS?

Honest, Neat and Efficient work

We currently have a team of two skilled freight forwarders who value service and accuracy. This means that the little extra that you might miss with others, you get here with us. You get personal service and follow-up, which you may not get at a larger company, where you just become one of many customers.

Avant Forwarding AS is concerned that you, as a customer, are informed early on of changes and updates in events that may have an impact on your shipment. We also continuously try to find solutions that can be cost-effective and time-efficient.

It should pay to use Avant Forwarding AS as your shipping partner.